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Last time we partied, Old Joe's literally exploded. This time, LET US be the ones to BLOW IT up. Allons y, join us and leave the past behind. Come MEET a French drag queen, a German-Japanese gangster, a Finnish letter thief, a Czech dictator, a lungless Brazilian, an English terrorist and an INVISIBLE drifter at the world's last visa-free zone – before it suffers another attack. For the brave, for all you SCOUNDRELS, for those in and out of love, COME dance your ghosts away and SING your heart out!
NO VISA required.


Close Your Eyes



 ​Just a regular evening in London when Alex meets Sam. Just a typical afternoon when Sam decides to shoot a movie about Alex. In a movie, it would have worked. But nobody, not even Sam, ever actually shot a movie about Alex. A popcorn seller that can’t be touched meets a photographer that can’t be moved. Can they fulfil each other? ​


FRI 5th / SAT 6th May 2017

The Cat's Back

(86-88 Point Pleasant, SW18 1NN)

Fragility Takeover, Wandsworth Arts Fringe Festival 2017

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